so has anyone done these for ouran yet or

Darkness Ecriture!

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Harry Potter tumblr style // inspired by (x)

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It was going to be the best Bel Tine ever.

The Eye of the World, Chapter 2: Strangers

This line makes me laugh very hard. Oh you poor, fool boy, are you sure? Really?
The last famous words…

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st1mu11: General’s armor, circa 1750, Japan, Edo period.



The Marauders, Lily and Co. We owe them so much.


Fresh Devil from yesterday
healed Reaper
From a few months ago

Mary Blair and the movies: The concept art of Alice in Wonderland (x)

rt of Paul Bielaczyc.  Sorry for potato quality.  It doesn’t do these justice.  They are gonna be wicked when i finally get them framed and hung.


I love this character and this quote. All hail Mat Cauthon, Prince of the Ravens!