I'l be there for you when you need someone to come and hold you tight.

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seven days without a pun makes one weak

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Remember that one time when an Aes Sedai told Rand he had a cute butt?


Sometimes I remember that scene and I smile. You always need a little humor before you run off to go destroy a Forsaken.

Jef Bertels' works for Ayreon


If you think about it this gif is a perfect response for everythingimage

for example:

"Why didn’t you do your homework?"image

"Who is your crush?"image

"What are you doing later tonight?"image

"Why did you sacrifice your friends soul to Satan?"image

"Who are you gonna marry when you get older?"image

"What do you do besides go on tumblr all day and watch tv?"image

"Why don’t you go outside?"image

Lucy Heartfilia, for Nashi. Happy Birthday :3

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